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Inoculum:  Peur de Toucher

COVID-19 Inspired 18"x24" Ink, Graphite, Prismacolor A portrayal of the restlessness of life on lockdown, having hands that work, but are not allowed to function.

The Acrimony of the Dying Gall

COVID-19 Inspired 18"x24" Ink, Graphite, Prismacolor PAN: Pandemonium or Pandemic?

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis

10" x 12" graphite SOLD Drawing of Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. Homage to Fences.


Pencil on paper 25"x30" Sold

Mother and Father, McLean

Graphite on Paper 16"x20" SOLD This Father and Mother portrait was drawn from two portraits dating 30 years apart. The customer never had a photo of her mother and father together in the same image. I used a 3"x3" photo of her father and an 8"x12" portrait of her mother to produce her one and only, couple portrait.


8"x10" Graphite on paper Available for Purchase $300

The Socratic Method

8"x10" graphite on paper Available for Purchase $400


Drawing of Clint Eastwood. Graphite on paper. 8"x10" Available for Purchase $250

I Said, SHHH! Sheesh!!!

Young Thug Drawing Available for Purchase $550

Thoughtful of the Fallen

18"x24" Graphite and ink Designed and composed for a soldier who was wounded in Cabal, Afghanistan. She holds some of her fallen brothers and sisters in arms. Her handle/call-sign (Black Widow) is illustrated as a spider crawling across a web designed by the American Flag wrapped around the earth. This soldier requested an astronomy theme.

My Reflection:  Breña

Self Portrait Graphite on paper 9"x11" NFS

cosmo from ohio

18"x24" - pencil - drawn by customer request. Sold

Awaiting Rain - Lonely Gaze

18"x24" - pencil - drawn by customer request. Sold

portrait artist in north carolina

hand drawn portraits in north carolina family portraits drawn by hand in north carolina

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