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To purchase, or to commission a work, please email Brandon Tart at or call 919.478.2186

The prices on works that were not commissioned, but produced by the artist's own volition independent of customer demand are priced in a manner distinct of commissioned works in either 2, or 3D.  

All commissioned works will begin and end on  agreed contractual terms in both 2, and 3D.

Commissioned sculpture is priced on material and accessories required, time of production and require a 20% design fee  based on estimated costs of production to be provided prior to production.

Murals are priced on a square foot basis and are based on the style of the work, and begin with a 30% design fee provided prior to the mural undergoing production.

Black and white portraits are priced at $3.75 per square inch, plus $15.00 for every hour in production.

Color portraits are priced at $6.00 per square inch, plus $20.00 for every hour in production.


Thank you!


brandon heath tart


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