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Flies and Lies

Ink and Graphite -- 18"x24" -- I created this work after Trump and Hillary's debate when a fly landed on her forehead. She and Obama are known for having flies land on them. Here I spliced Hillary with her mirrored image to produce the one-eyed Maggot-Mother giving birth to death and destruction.


ink and charcoal - 18"x24" Using Pink Floyd's "welcome to the machine" album art in the robotic handshake seen lower right in the image, a fake form of Russian writing is used to spell out "welcome to the machine, we know where you have been", quoting Pink Floyd's lyrics to take aim at how Obama weaponized the NSA tp spy on American Citizens. The background is symbolic of the mesmeric trance he seemed to have on "un-woke" Americans.

Piracy and Privacy

Charcoal and Ink 18"x24" FORWARD was one of Obama's campaign slogans, but this work plays on his Nazi (National Socialist) measure of spying on U.S. Citizens and monitoring their private communications. The ChiKago reference is deals with a German school of art & design that moved to Chicago, 1937 - Bauhaus - whose design motif is in the text in the image, as if to suggest that Bauhaus' mail should be forwarded from Germany to Chicago.

Laser Guided Fly Swatter

Ink and graphite - 12"x14" Another use of the fact that flies landed on Hillary and Obama on several occasions -- this image references how Obama planned drone strikes over U.S. soil, which would have resulted in natural born U.S. Citizen casualties. Well, America is a no fly zone, Mr. President, so go ahead and take out the Terrorist in Chief, I say! Maybe there is "hope".

A Hair More Left

ink and graphite 12"x14" Here a crane is moving a black rectangle toward the left to rest under the nose of Obama to plant a "Hitler Mustache" above his lip. "A Hair More Left" directionally, and a bit more "left" than Adolf.

Deconstruction is the DifferAnce.

Ink and Graphite - 12"x18" - this work deals with Jacques Derrida's philosophy of "differance" and "difference", and is a nod to Hillary's damning statements at the Benghazi hearings when she asked: "How much difference at this point does it make?" Suggesting that it didn't matter after the fact. A reference is made to the movie "The Martian" with Matt Damon, a leftist, who is using the Derrida term "Deconstruct" (K for "Kommy"), and altering his line from the film he starred in.

Shitty Design

Ink - 18"x24" - Another work dealing with Obama's campaign slogan, FORWARD, which shows how it is actually a political/economic step backward. The VW beetle is being pushed backward by a Dung Beetle in a Nazi gas-mask (Dung Beetles push feces backward). The German words translate -- "SHITTY DESIGN", taking aim at Obama's shitty politics, where backward is forward and forward is backward.


Ink and Graphite - 18"x24" -- If Hitler was in power today, he would love Facebook...TO BE CENSORED, just like Facebook's creator, Mark Zuckerberg does! Here is a conceptual Facebook page and "Berlin Facebook Wall" for Hitler, a historic speech and thought tyrant! IF FACEBOOK WANTS TO DO EXIST IN AMERICA, THEN THE FIRST AMENDMENT MUST BE RESPECTED AND PROTECTED ON IT!!!!

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